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A warm welcome to this month's newsletter, where we invite expressions of interest to serve on our board, inform you of a DOI redirect change, ask for your comments on persistent identifiers for conferences, and share exciting news of our upcoming tool 'participation reports'. We also give you a top tip on registering current vs. backlist content.

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Your chance to effect change for the scholarly community

Being on our board means you can help set the future direction for Crossref, and steer change in the scholarly community. The Nominating Committee is now inviting expressions of interest, which must be received on or before May 18, 2018.

Learn more about our board and how to submit your statements of interest


Redirecting redirection

We have decided to change the HTTP redirect code used by our DOIs from 303, back to the more commonly used 302. Find out why in Geoffrey Bilder’s blog post ‘Redirecting redirection’.

Geoffrey Bilder explains Crossref’s decision to change the redirect code used for our DOIs


PIDs for conferences - your comments are welcome

Aliaksandr Birukou, Executive Editor for Computer Science at Springer Nature, and chair of the Project PID Group—that has been working to establish a persistent identifier system and registry for scholarly conferences—provides some background to the work, and asks for your input.

PIDs for conferences - have your say before May 31


How good is your metadata?

Exciting news! We are very close to the beta release of participation reports, a new tool that will help assess our members' metadata coverage and help them understand where to improve. Participation reports will give—for the first time—a clear picture for anyone to see the metadata Crossref has. This is data that’s long been available via our Public REST API, now visualized.

Here’s a sneak preview of what the report looks like


April’s top tip: How to avoid getting surprised by your quarterly deposit invoice

After the quarterly deposit invoices went out last month we had a couple of queries from members who had registered a lot of backlist content, but had been charged at the current years rate.

After investigating, we discovered this was because the metadata registered looked as though the content was current, despite the fact that it was backlist. To help avoid this in future we felt a timely reminder was needed about the importance of accurate and complete metadata for publication dates.

About current and backlist content registration fees

There are different fees for registering content depending on whether it’s current (this year and the previous two years) or backlist (older than that). As an example, it’s $1 for each current journal article, and $0.15 for each backlist journal article. So, if you’ve incorrectly registered your content as 2018 when it’s actually from 2012, your quarterly invoice will reflect this, and overcharge you.

Determining whether content is current or backlist

A record is determined to be either a back year or current year deposit based on the metadata that you deposit with us. If you use our web deposit form, the system looks at the information you’ve entered into the “publication date” field. If you deposit XML with us, it looks at the date in the  <publication_date> element. And we look at each individual item separately—so even if you’ve put a publication date at journal level, you still need to put it at the journal article level too.

What to do if you’ve registered the wrong publication date

As you can only update a publication date by running a full re-deposit, it’s important to get it right first time. If you have registered the wrong publication date and have received an invoice for the wrong amount, please re-deposit your content and then get in contact with us. If you do this as soon as you spot the error, we’ll be able to send a new invoice for the correct amount.


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