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And welcome to an exciting first edition to kick-start our 2018 monthly newsletters. This edition we are going to let the numbers speak for themselves... one year in review, three ambassadors, eight videos (in six languages), and ten top blogs. Plus one new section—Tech Corner—and a few hundred words from protocols.io.

As always, you can ask or tell us anything here.


One year in review

2017 was a great year for us—one where we welcomed a record-breaking 1,939 new members and actively stayed true to our mission by rallying the community, tagging and sharing metadata, playing with new technology and making new tools and services.  Find out how we did all that in Ed’s New Year blog:

A year in the life of Crossref


Three ambassadors

They say good things come in threes and this time I believe them—we are delighted to introduce to you the first three Crossref Ambassadors, Jae Hwa Chang from Korea, Edilson Demasio from Brazil and Lauren Lissaris from the United States of America—who will help us reach and support our members around the globe in a variety of different time-zones and languages.

Find out more about the Crossref Ambassador program and meet our first three ambassadors


Eight videos (in six languages)

And here are some more numbers for you: 48 animated videos, featuring eight Crossref services, in six different languages, translation-checked by six international members, and which took 12 months to complete. Read how we translated the videos into French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean without losing the meaning - No longer lost in translation.


View the videos in English, français,  español,  Português, 简体中文, 日本語, 한국어로


Our top ten most read blogs in 2017

While not necessarily written in 2017, the following were our top ten most read blogs throughout the year, in order of popularity (drum roll)...

  1. New Crossref DOI guidelines
  2. New AWS S3 as a large key value store for Chronograph
  3. Easily add publications to your ORCID profile
  4. Making peer reviews citable, discoverable and creditable
  5. URLs and DOIs - a complicated relationship
  6. How do you deposit data citations
  7. XMP first hacks
  8. DOIs and matching regular expressions
  9. Linking DOIs using https
  10. Metadata and integrity - the unlikely bedfellows of scholarly research

Meet the member blog series

Following on from the first post in our Meet the member series last October with Oxfam, we now have the pleasure of sharing an interview with Lenny Teytelman, co-founder and CEO, protocols.ioAn open access repository of science methods where scientists can work on their own protocols privately or collaborate with thousands of other scientists through public methods.


Read how protocols.io came to be, how they use our services, and their plans for the future.


Tech Corner: A top tip for pain-free title transfer

Welcome to Tech Corner, a brand new section of the newsletter where each month our support team will share a handy hint, a top tip, or a helpful hack—with the aim of quelling queries and allaying any angst.


This month we’ve had a lot of requests to transfer titles and wanted to remind you that after we’ve transferred the title over to you, there’s still a few things that you need to do. So, if your organization has gained new titles, here are the three key steps to ensure a pain-free transfer:


Step One

Contact us at support@crossref.org to confirm the transfer—you can do this by referencing the Transfer notification list or by forwarding an email from the disposing publisher. We'll then transfer ownership over to you.  


Step Two

Carefully check the existing metadata associated with your titles for any publisher-specific information—the old publisher may be mentioned in the text and data mining license, full-text URLs, Similarity Check as-crawled URLs, or Crossmark data. This is key to ensuring a smooth transition.


Step Three

If the metadata supplied is fine, you just need to update the URLs to direct DOIs to your content. You can do this by sending us a URL update file or by re-depositing the metadata with the correct URLs.


If you need to update more than the URLs, you should re-deposit the metadata with the correct information plus the correct URLs.


A late Happy New Year from the support team—Patricia, Shayn, and Paul—and don’t forget you can always contact us at support@crossref.org.


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