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July 2017



Hello and welcome to the July edition of our community newsletter, the place where we keep you up-to-date with news, blogs, and features that we think you'll want to read, without filling up your inbox.  

In this edition, we’re talking about Crossref Event Data, a collaborative initiative by Crossref and DataCite which has now entered Beta, we feature a new use case of our REST API from the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), and we share our recent adventures with DataCite and ORCID in South Korea.


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Crossref Event Data enters Beta

We’ve been talking about it at events, blogging about it on our site, living it, breathing it, and even sometimes dreaming about it, and now we are delighted to announce that Crossref Event Data has entered Beta.

Find out more about Crossref Event Data


CLA Digital Content Store and the Crossref REST API

As part of our blog posts on the Crossref REST API series, we talk to the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) about the work they’re doing, and how they’re using the Crossref REST API as part of their workflow with their Digital Content Store platform for Higher Education Institutions.

Read the use case


Crossref in South Korea

Over the past few years, Crossref has seen huge growth in our members in South Korea. We have nine Sponsoring Affiliates (who look after nearly 1,000 members between them), two Sponsoring Publishers and nearly 80 Library members. With the International DOI Foundation (IDF) strategy meeting taking place in Daejon, it seemed sensible to combine that with our own events and meetings with key organizations. This also fitted nicely with some plans that ORCID and DataCite had, so we combined forces.

Find out more about our South Korean visit


What is Crossref’s Funder Registry?

Authors acknowledge the funders of their research when they publish a paper, and publishers use our Funder Registry to turn this information into standard funding metadata so that researchers can read the work in context, and funders can view the published outcomes.

Find out more and watch the video about the Funder Registry


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