December 2018



As the year comes to a close we have three things to share with you.
First, a blog from Ed about all the good work Crossref have done on
behalf of the community this year—and boy, were we busy! Second, a link
to our LIVE18 annual meeting presentation recordings. And finally, a
reminder of the changes to our membership terms.

There's also a heartfelt greeting from all of us to all of you - happy
holidays and may all your metadata be richer in 2019!


Your last chance in 2018 to ask or tell us anything!.

Phew—it's been quite year!

As the end of the year approaches it's useful to look back and reflect on what we've achieved over the last 12 months—a lot! To be honest there were some things we didn't get done—or didn't make as much progress with as we hoped—but that happens when you have an ambitious agenda. However, we also got some things done that we didn't expect to, or that weren't even on our radar at the end of 2017.

Read Ed's blog and find out how we improved metadata, simplified our services, grew our constituencies and collaborated with others.

View the presentations from our annual meeting, LIVE18 in Toronto

View day one's recordings, featuring the following speakers:

  • Ed Pentz, Crossref - Welcome and introductions
  • Kristen Fisher Ratan, CoKo - Publishing infrastructure: The good, the
    bad and the expensive
  • Patricia Feeney, Crossref - I am the boss of your metadata
  • Chuck Koscher, Crossref - Improving our metadata 
  • Graham Nott, eLife/JATS - Basement JATS: Where's your head at? (Crossref deposits at eLife)
  • Issac Farley, Crossref - Open Support from one-to-one to everyone
  • Jodi Schneider, University of Illinois - Trouble at the Academy: Problem citations
  • Bianca Kramer, Utrecht University - DOIs for whom? Metadata in an open scholarly ecosystem 
  • Ginny Hendricks, Crossref; Clare Dean, Metadata2020; Ravit David -This talk is sooo meta
  • Ginny Hendricks, Crossref - Expanding our constituencies

View day two's recordings, featuring the following speakers:

  • Stefanie Haustein, University of Ottawa - Good Metadata + Metrics Literacy = Better Academia
  • Geoffrey Bilder, Crossref - Selectively Collaborating and Partnering with Others 
  • Patricia Cruse, DataCite - ROR Community 
  • Patricia Cruse, DataCite - Data Citations and why they matter 
  • Jennifer Lin, Crossref - Metadata + Event Data = Fuller Picture 
  • Shelley Stall, American Geophysical Union - My first data collection. Was it FAIR? 
  • Paul Dlug, American Physical Society - Crossref Sucks and how to Cope 
  • Jennifer Lin, Crossref - Simplifying and Enriching our Existing Services 
  • Geoffrey Bilder, Crossref - Improving Reference Matching 
  • Patricia Feeney, Crossref - New Content Types in the Works 
  • Geoffrey Bilder, Crossref - Metadata as a Signal of Trust

New membership terms will replace existing agreement

In its July 2018 meeting, the Crossref Board voted unanimously to approve and introduce a new set of membership terms. At the same meeting, the board also voted to change the description of membership eligibility in our Bylaws, officially broadening our remit beyond publishers, in line with current practice and positioning us for future growth.

Discover why we updated our member terms, and what's changing.


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