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These have been stressful times for everyone, and at Crossref we’ve had a few months filled with both grief as well as joy. Our colleague of twelve years, Kirsty Meddings, passed away on 10th December. We still miss her every day. That same month we announced that our Board had voted to adopt the Principles of Open Scholarly Infrastructure, a cause for real celebration (and action). We’ve recently reinvested time and effort into Event Data, released our second public data file now with over 120 million records, and launched our community discussion forum.

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The Principles of Open Scholarly Infrastructure: how do we fair?

Our board recently voted to adopt the Principles of Open Scholarly Infrastructure, rules by which organizations like Crossref can run its operations, and to which we want to be held publicly accountable. The 16 principles span governance, sustainability, and insurance and are designed to balance each other. Crossref is on its journey to meeting them, and we posted our self-assessment. See other organizations that have self-assessed and adopted these principles on the POSI website.

Review how Crossref is currently meeting (or not) the POSI principles

Remembering a much-loved colleague 🌷

Kirsty Meddings passing away on December 10th hit us all hard. It was tragic for Crossref and for her family and friends. We are remembering her in a number of ways. We wrote a blog post about her career as a pioneer in electronic and online publishing, her impact at Crossref, and her wonderful personality. We miss her every day. Many people have contributed lovely photos and stories or poems to a memory board and there are a couple of fundraising efforts for a charity that was close to her heart.

Our tribute to Kirsty

New Community Forum

Come join our new community forum! Community is fundamental to us at Crossref; we wouldn’t exist or thrive without the involvement of you, our diverse and engaged members, and users. The goal of the discussion forum is to create an inclusive, open space where Crossref members, ambassadors, sponsors, service providers, and others who share a passion for scholarly infrastructure, can connect, ask questions, and share thoughts. 

Read how to sign up to our community forum

New public data file: 120+ million metadata records

In April of last year, we released our first public data file in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though our metadata is always openly available, through our public API––we decided to make this a regular thing and released an updated file in January 2021. This will provide a more efficient way to get such a large volume of records. The file (JSON records, 102.6GB) is now available, with thanks once again to Academic Torrents. 

Read more on downloading the metadata and other important notes

Event Data: A Plan of Action

Event Data uncovers links between Crossref records and diverse places where they are mentioned across the internet. Whereas a citation links one research article to another, ‘events’ are a way to create links to locations such as news articles, datasets, Wikipedia entries, and social media shares. We’ve collected events for several years and we make them openly available via an API for anyone to access, as well as creating open and auditable logs of how we found each event. Some organizations are already using Event Data and we are keen for more to come on board. 

More about the plan for Event Data

Stepping up our deposit processing game

In the first two months of 2021, some of you may have experienced Content Registration delays. We noticed; you did, too. With current technology and tools, a queue of 100,000 items shouldn't take so long to process––we're addressing the root cause of the issues. We're building a framework to simplify our system and remove some of the complexity that has accumulated over the years. 

Read more about what we noticed and our plan to fix it

Open Funder Registry updates now on GitLab

We used to email people every time we updated the Open Funder Registry but lately, we’ve been posting the new files on GitLab, which is also a good place to set up an alert, so you can hear about updates as soon as they happen. 

Visit the GitLab repository to follow for updates

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