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This is a packed one so get ready! We have published our strategy for the next few years. A priority is supporting our smaller and emerging publishers and we announce a new agreement with DOAJ to help work toward that goal. Sara describes how and why we’ll be replacing Metadata Manager and she also seeks input (via a survey) on using our reports. We remind any member interested in standing for our board election that you have only a couple of days left to express interest. And jump down to the list of other blog posts to read updates on Event Data, R&D, preprints, and service providers.

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New strategy + our first ever public roadmap

We announce our strategy for 2025 along with our first-ever public roadmap. Our six strategic priorities are to bolster our amazing team, live up to the POSI principles we recently adopted, engage with growing and changing communities, improve the quality of the metadata we steward and distribute, collaborate and partner with other infrastructure organizations, and to simplify and enrich our current services while planning newer and better ones.

Read the story behind the strategy on our blog, the strategy page itself, and visit Trello for a look at all our projects that add up to these goals. And if you missed our mid-year update webinar this month, the materials are now available.

Open call for board self-nomination

Our nominating committee invites expressions of interest to join the board for the term starting March 2022. If you’d like to share your experiences and perspectives to help guide the leadership team, please submit your expression of interest by June 25, 2021.

Lucy's blog gives details about the role of the board, how to apply, and more.

DOAJ and Crossref announcement

We’ve just formalized an already strong partnership with the Director of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) to work together to lower barriers for emerging publishers. Both organizations aim to encourage the dissemination and use of scholarly research using open infrastructure, online technologies, regional and international networks, and community partners - all supporting local institutional capacity and sustainability around the world. 

Read the joint announcement for the activities this partnership consists of

Deprecating Metadata Manager and what’s next?

Metadata Manager is meant to be a unified interface that would be a helpful tool for members who manually deposit journal metadata. However, it never worked well and caused users many problems whenever we updated fields in our schema. So we’ve decided to build a brand new Content registration tool and retire Metadata Manager (along with Simple Text Query and the Web Deposit form). This tool will be community-focused, has a user-centered design, and is flexible for future growth. Sara explains how maintaining Metadata Manager and our other helper tools is inefficient and shares our plan to move forward with this new tool.  

Next steps for Content Registration

Help us improve our reporting

For anyone using any of our reports, please consider completing this survey by July 1, 2021 to help us improve our reporting. 

Please complete the Reports Survey!

Let's relate! Via Event Data

Martyn shares an update on the long-promised plan to include relationship metadata via Event Data (hint: data citation is becoming a reality!). This will build over time, starting with showing the relationships between records that have a DOI, such as between a research article and its related peer review reports or underlying dataset. Event Data helps meet the community’s goal of reproducible science, and the data is completely open, auditable, and freely accessible via an API. 

Learn more about how Event Data is working on revealing relationships


Event Data: Help us fill in the gaps

An Advisory Group for Preprints

Time to put the “R” back in “R&D”

Service Provider perspectives: A few minutes with our publisher hosting platforms

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