February 2019



Can you believe it’s February already? That means that it’s almost time to switch to our new member terms, coming into effect for all members on Friday, March 1. Take a look below at this month’s roundup of news and activity, including two new persistent identifier registries in the works, a new online forum to discuss just such topics, further advice about title transfers, and a mea culpa description of a mistake we discovered (and are now fixing) with reference matching.

11% of references had not been matched to their DOIs

We recently uncovered a flaw in our reference matching process. We’ve deployed a fix and are reprocessing billions of records, a process we think will complete around mid-April. Geoffrey Bilder blogs about what happened, how we are addressing it, and what measures are now in place for reference matching in the future.

Underreporting of matched references

Will this metadata schema for Grants meet your needs?

The Crossref Funder Advisory Group has been working throughout 2018 to realize its goal of connecting research grants with their published outputs. Funding organizations are planning to join as Crossref members and assign DOIs to their grants—which include awards, scholarships, use of equipment/facilities, and all kinds of related support. Crucially, we now have a draft schema up and we welcome your comments.

Patricia Feeney seeks feedback on grant identifier metadata

Introducing the first ROR prototype

The Research Organization Registry (ROR) is the cross-community initiative that has emerged from the work formerly-known-as Org ID. Maria Gould of California Digital Library posts a rundown of what has been achieved to date for ROR, including an API, a search interface at ror.org/search, an OpenRefine reconciler, and... groups of people roaring like lions. Please take a look and let her have your feedback. 🦁

ROR announces the first Org ID Prototype

The Yin and Yang of PIDs

Rachael Lammey co-led a session at the PIDapalooza festival last month about the benefits and frustrations of working with persistent identifiers (PIDs). Together with colleagues from ORCID and DataCite, she discovered that it’s not always plain sailing. Also launched at the PIDapalooza festival in January, the PID Forum is a new online discussion board for learning about and sharing information around persistent identifiers.

Work through your PID problems on the PID forum

Membership terms are changing on 1st March 2019

As previously reported on the blog, in this newsletter, and to all members directly, we’ve been conducting a major overhaul of membership terms and had these approved by the board last July 2018. The new online-only terms are now ready to come into effect from Friday, March 1. Please note that no action is needed (no signature required), and simply updating or registering your DOIs after March 1 will signify acceptance of the terms. Remaining questions? Please email us via member@crossref.org.

Re-read Ginny Hendricks’s blog for the full detail and rationale

Before, during, and after - a journey through title transfers

Related to last month's tip about do-it-yourself title transfers, Isaac Farley follows up to explain how there's sometimes more to this process than meets the eye. If you've encountered problems despite following our best practice steps, take a look and see if one of these reasons could be the answer.


Tips and more to help you navigate the title transfer journey

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