Crossref community update: the Research Nexus

Crossref’s vision—shared by others—is of a rich and reusable open network of relationships connecting research organizations, people, things, and actions; a scholarly record that the global community can build on forever for the benefit of society.

We call it the Research Nexus.

Join us to learn more about the Research Nexus concept and hear updates on all the projects we’re working on that aim to help achieve this vision. We’ll hear from you too on your priorities and we’ll learn the level of community adoption of some of the strategically-important elements of the Research Nexus such relationships in metadata, ROR for affiliations, data citation, retractions and corrections, and crowd-sourcing updates. 

The agenda will be as follows:

  • What is the research nexus? Ginny will walk through the vision, shared by others, for connecting all scholarly objects and entities (5 mins)
  • Introduction to relationships in metadata. Patricia will present the current metadata model, including relationship types like ‘isPreprintOf’ and ‘isReviewOf’, and share our plan for metadata development (10 minutes)
  • Delving into the research nexus. Martyn will discuss what else might be possible beyond traditional metadata, such as news sources, policy documents, and other possibilities (15 minutes)
  • How will we build this new model? Joe will share the all-important architecture plan for supporting this new model, involving a new item tree for all metadata and relationships, to evolve our 20-year-old content system (5 minutes)
  • Back to the here and now. Rachael will drill into the two or three initiatives that you can already adopt in order to play your part in achieving the research nexus such as data citation and capturing affiliations with ROR (10 minutes)
  • Your turn! Throughout the talks, there will be a couple of polls to get a sense of your priorities, and then we’ll break out into smaller discussions so we can better understand how to help. 

We’re holding this session twice, once in Eastern world timezones and again in Western world timezones. Please register for the one that suits you best, and we’ll share recordings and transcripts of both on our website afterward.

Hope to see you on Zoom!


Register for the eastern timezones

7:00 UTC / New York 3:00 AM EDT / London 8:00 AM BST / Nairobi 10:00 AM EAT / Jakarta 2:00 PM WIB 

Register for the western timezones

15:00 UTC  / New York 11:00 AM EDT / Sao Paulo 12:00 PM BRT / London 4:00 PM BST / Nairobi 6:00 PM WIB